4/15/2021 6:21:38 AM


    Meanwhile, a Galway man could not believe his luck when he scratched his way to the top prize of €30,000 on an All Cash Tripler scratch card.

    The winner bought his €3 All Cash Tripler scratch card in Tesco at the Galway Shopping Centre on the Headford Road.

    The lucky winner had to take a double take when he initially revealed the top prize.

    He said: "I buy a scratch card maybe once a week but I have never won anything like this before.

    "I bought the ticket in Tesco and then scratched the ticket in the car. You can imagine my shock - I couldn’t make head or tails of it at first since I never expected to see €30,000.

    "It wasn’t until I called the National Lottery that I really believed it.

    The top prize winner plans to look after his family with his recent windfall.

    He added:  "I think my family have already decided how the money will be spent.

    "I’ll have to have a chat at home and then we can make a plan for what to do when life gets back to normal. We’re just all delighted – it’s been a lovely surprise."