A reliable and reputable betting site is crucial

4/15/2021 6:32:16 AM

    When it comes to sports betting, a reliable and reputable betting site is crucial. Whilst odds, game selection and accessibility are all important, none of this matters if you struggle to withdraw your money or you have issues opening an account.

    This is why we have compiled a small list of reputable sports betting sites that operate in Asian and African countries. These are often places with a lot of scam websites, so it’s important to sift through the legitimate from the no-go places.

    Despite being a fairly new company, 22bet is a great place to start. Not only is it proven to be a reliable betting website, but it covers lots of countries across African and Asia. In fact, the website also has 59 language translation, proving that it is one of the most progressive sports betting sites on the market.

    Here, you will find welcome bonuses, a large range of sports and betting marks, along with easy sign-ups and a reliable customer service team. There is also an app for both Android and IOS and it contains all of the features on the desktop website.

    22bet provides its service in Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Tunisia, Central African Republic, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kon, South Korea, much of the middle east, and many more in African and Asia.