The top 12 schedule may adopt a tournament system

8/5/2021 7:21:07 AM

In less than a month, the top 12 of the Asian World Championships will kick off. According to the "Journal Sports", affected by the new crown epidemic, the AFC has issued documents to the participating national football associations on August 3. , Requiring all participating teams to prepare for changes to the schedule and competition system.

"Journal Sports" stated that the AFC is considering holding the top 12 matches in the form of a tournament system. If this is the case, the schedule will undoubtedly become very dense. An official of the Japanese Football Association said: "We will be prepared to deal with any changes in the top 12 schedule and the AFC official documents have also been communicated to coach Morihoichi."

"The position of the Japan Football Association is to maintain the home and away game system as much as possible, but even if it adopts the game system, it should not be a big problem for Japan, because many Japanese internationals, including head coach Morihoichi, participated in the Olympics, and the Olympic schedule is also very good. Dense, I believe they have adapted in advance."

Regarding whether the tournament system is really adopted for the top 12 matches, it is expected that the AFC will give specific answers later this month.