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Olympic Women's Football Netherlands Women's Football VS China Women's Football

7/27/2021 8:00:46 AM

Olympic Women's Football Netherlands Women's Football VS China Women's Football

       The Dutch women's football team has made rapid progress in recent years. The team won second place in the last Women's World Cup. The team currently ranks fourth in FIFA, which is higher than the Chinese women's football team. From the perspective of the lineup, the current Dutch women's football team is also full of talents and defense. Van der Grat and Van der Dunk have rich experience, midfielder Midmar and Groning have grown into top stars, especially the offensive core Midmar has won the Premier League Women’s Football League’s top scorer and best player. In terms of tactical style, the Dutch women’s football team has also inherited the traditional offensive football style of men’s football. In the group stage of this Olympic Games, the Dutch women’s football bloodbathed Zambia in the first game 10-3, the second round drew with Brazil 3-3, and scored 13 goals in two games. Midmar scored 6 goals alone. In this game, facing the Chinese women's football team who lost 9 goals in the first two rounds of the group stage, the Dutch women's football team still has to give full play to its offensive advantage.

       The performance of the Chinese women's football team in this Olympics was disappointing. Brazil was bloodbathed 0-5 in the first game. In the second round, Zambia was almost overturned with a two-goal lead. If it weren't for the attacking core Wang Shuang to save the team with his big four, China The women's football is about to suffer a two-game losing streak. With only 1 point in the two rounds, the goal of the Chinese women's football team in this game will be to beat the Dutch women's football, but the difficulty can be imagined. From the line-up point of view, the Chinese women’s football team had Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan on the offensive end in this Olympics. The offense was fairly qualified, but the performance on the defensive end was too bad. In the absence of captain Wu Haiyan, the defensive line was almost useless. Yang Lina or Li Qingtong, it is difficult to fill the vacancy where Wu Haiyan is absent. Li Qingtong even got a red card in the last round of the group stage and was unable to play in this game. Only Lin Yuping is left on the bench as a defender. Coach Jia Xiu also faces this game. A situation where no one can choose. With the hope of qualifying only after winning, the Chinese women's football team is bound to play more proactively, and the back line will inevitably leave more room for the Netherlands. On the whole, this game may be another goal game.