European Cup semi-final prediction: Spain vs Italy

7/6/2021 6:44:15 AM

Spain vs Italy

   There are only two points that these two teams can get to where they are today. First of all, they are all solidly united teams. The overall atmosphere in the team is relatively harmonious. There are no factors that affect morale, unlike some teams that do not do well. The second point is that these two teams are both traditional teams that pay attention to overall football. They don't have any big-name stars, but they play well in line with the rhythm of this tournament. Teams that highlighted individuals in this competition, such as the French team, ended up not so well. On the contrary, civilian teams like Italy and Spain have played their own football under the guidance of the overall policy and achieved good results.


   After meeting these two teams, I personally are more optimistic about the promotion of the Italian team. At this stage, the absolute chances of two strong teams facing each other will not be many. At this time, the competition is your ability to seize the opportunity. In contrast, the Italian team's offensive routines are more abundant, and they have some magical tricks. In this regard, the Spanish team seems a bit lackluster. Not only is it difficult for them to score some unexpected goals, but they also can't grasp some absolute opportunities.

   So on the whole, I think the Italian team should be able to eliminate the Matadors on their offense in this game.