How to bet during the European Cup? Boda with small + follow unpopular

6/15/2021 3:25:45 AM

This year's European Cup may be able to make some new attempts in sports betting. I tried to summarize four relevant suggestions, and share them with all lottery friends, hoping to help. 

Euro 2020 sports betting
1. Make good use of free cross-links for fault tolerance

    Careful friends should have discovered that, unlike the last World Cup, this European Cup did not have a single-level game for any match in the group stage, and only cross-play betting was used. . This increases the difficulty of the guessing to a certain extent, but also reduces the risk of multiple betting on a single level with a lower fixed bonus in previous competitions, highlighting the characteristics of small gains.

    In response to this change in gameplay, 2 series of 1 will naturally become a more popular betting method. However, it should be reminded that single-level betting is still possible for games with higher fixed bonuses such as goals, scores and half-time. Especially the goal number game is actually very friendly to lottery friends who are new to football quiz. You may wish to pay attention to it. .

    For the lottery group with more experience in betting, I personally think that you can try more free and mixed cross-check fault tolerance methods during the European Cup. It can be seen from the betting schedule that there are three matches in the group stage on multiple match days. The most appropriate way is to choose 3 series 4 or 3 matches 2 series 1 to bet, which can not only win a measurable return, but also It can save the principal and control the risk of loss.

    2. Try to use information advantage

    Recently, the information about the competition system of this European Cup and the basic introduction of each team has been very informative. Careful comparison shows that although these news are similar, they can basically allow fans and lottery players to form a rough outline of this tournament. Specific to each game, I believe there will be a lot of recommendation information emerging by then.

    For most lottery players, the basis for choosing betting options comes from the preparation and guidance of network information. In the European Cup and the World Cup, among the top hot events of global concern, the popular winning teams in the information trend are often prone to lose the chain, which is the so-called unpopularity.

    In fact, the gap between most participating teams in the European Cup is not too big. Many players are also teammates of the club and are familiar with each other. For betting references and recommendations based on public information, if you strongly point to a positive side, or overemphasize a negative side, then you might as well choose the opposite side, which may have miraculous effects. This method is not limited to the judgment of the outcome of a certain game. You can also apply it to the long-term gameplay of the champion and the champion and runner-up quiz for some comparison and matching.

    Three, screening dark horses

    Regardless of the national team or the club, one or several dark horse teams will appear in every major intercontinental competition. If we can lock in a few teams in advance that may burst out more unpopular teams, it will naturally greatly increase our rate of return in the betting behavior of the entire tournament, and it will also be an experience that enhances the sense of participation and interest.

    So far, from the forward-looking information published in the public, it is not difficult for us to find some teams that are obviously bad. The reasons generally include schedule fatigue, degraded lineup, insufficient experience, weak paper strength, and the impact of the epidemic. Even individual teams still have insufficient information, which leads to excessive underestimation among lottery players. This is actually It is precisely the dark horse material that deserves attention. In particular, there is still a close connection between the current European Cup and the European National League. The teams that qualify for the European Cup through the UEFA Europa League seem to be lucky to advance. In fact, it is not easy to get to this step, and it does not necessarily belong. Fish belly.