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The unveiling of the Euro 2021: Italy VS Turkey, mutual defense is more expensive

6/10/2021 5:51:02 AM

    The European Cup, which is one year late, will start at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy. The opening match will be the four-time World Cup winner Italy against the Star and Moon Corps Turkey at home. The two teams have never played against each other in a formal match. Italy has remained unbeaten in 24 games in all competitions, and has won nearly 8 games without conceding a goal. The state is at its best. Turkey remains undefeated in 2021. Among them, the world preliminaries have beaten the Netherlands 4-2, 2 wins and 1 draw remain undefeated, and the warm-up match 2 wins and 1 draw remain undefeated. This is the opening game of the European Cup. The hosts in the opening game are generally not very satisfactory. Only in the last European Cup in France, the French team won in the opening game. So beware of Italy's victory in this game.